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Willard Lucas(??) Drift Boat


Still trying to get more background on my antique wooden drift boat. The comment about Willard Lucas was helpful. A couple of additional features which might be diagnostic are: a storage box (20x11x10 in.) made from plywood and mounted to the floor in the bow and a spare oar which is 2 piece with a metal ferrule joint that has a twist lock.


Also in checking the registration papers for the trailer I noticed that is was made in 1961. Does any one know if Willard Lucas…


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Thanks to Jayson Hayes



Thanks for the response!! Do you have any idea what year (prior to 1969) this boat was likely built?? I have no background on Wilard Lucas Boats, was he building boats at the same time frame as Keith Steele?


Thanks again for the info.


Rod Woodin

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Picture updates

Ok, as I said in the last post I've got the Eastside in the garage and am ready to start tinkering until winter when the real work will start.  I also decided to start on a chip cover for the boat.  Decided that with the high frequency of dirt roads I will be on that I needed a cover to protect the front of the boat as much as I can.  Dug out some canvas scraps I had around and got the basic cover put together.  need to reinforce it in a few spots and hem the edges for…


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Trying to figure out origins of Antique Drift Boat


Hi Wooden Boat People,


I have a wooden drift that was purchased used in 1969. I am trying to figure out who made it and where it was built. I have been told many time over the years that it looks like a Keith Steele, but from info I have seen on this site I doubt it is a Steele boat.


It is 14 ft. 9 in. in length on the top and has a max width on top of 6 ft. There are 10 ribs and the drain is in the floor near the base of the transom. The anchor…


Added by Rodney M Woodin on August 26, 2011 at 5:00pm — 3 Comments

Looking for suggestions for this years Project.

As we embark on another school year, I am searching for any ideas that some of you experst may have for this years boatbuilding class project. After tremendous success last year, we are eager to get started making things happen in the shop. I believe that we would like to try building something a little more "snake river friendly" and would like some sugestions as well as a place to optain plans and materials. Thanks in advance, the members of theis forum have had significant influence on my… Continue

Added by Todd Taylor on August 26, 2011 at 1:39pm — 2 Comments

Gates of Lodore

Picked up the boat and had a few surprises.  One of the leaf springs was broken but the owner replaced them both at a trailer shop and got me on the road.  I spent a day epoxying D rings into the boat and stripping the extra stuff from the boat to get it ready for the trip.  Dinosaur National Monument requires flotation in drift boats and open canoes so I fitted the rear area of the boat with 3 canoe float bags to make her legal.  Had a great time and was really impressed with the handling…


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Oh BOY... free Ostrem... NEEDS work

Heh heh... I just picked up a free boat to restore. 16X48. All wood... at least 20 years old according to previous owner, but no idea really. Built in Salem by a company named Ostrem Boats. I googled them and nothing! Everything seems to be good.. I could find no rot YET. It is painted inside and out.


It has some kind of plastic bottom over the plywood, I don't think it is UMHW, it is white. Plywood ends on top is coming apart a little. I will be asking lots…


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NOT too far gone!!

Got'er done...she even handled some class II-III this weekend on the first annual Colorado Wooden Boat and Beer Float at Pumphouse on the Colorado (thanks Mark)...I've still got plenty of finishing touches to keep me busy for a while, but they're just details (rear bench, floorboards, casting deck, bottle openers, etc...)...


I got rid of the outside chine guard and rubstrip, filled/patched the dings, and glassed the outside, scarfed in some new gunnel material (never even…


Added by Jeff Peak on August 14, 2011 at 8:43pm — 4 Comments

Decked Mckenzie Build

I'm new to the group and I'm going to apologize for not having a wooden boat.  I'm starting with a vintage Eastside fiberglass 15' drifter that I plan to deck and outfit for whitewater trips.  The goal is to hold my self and my wife pretty much self supported for 3-5 days on class 3-4.  Will also make a great boat for taking the future kids on floats.  I'm running the Gates of Lodore the second week of August and will mess around with balance in loading and get a feel for where I want to be…


Added by Paul Wackowski on August 3, 2011 at 6:17pm — 4 Comments

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