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Eagle Rock Boat Porter

Hi All, I'm looking forward to the  boat festival in a couple of weeks, thought I would share a few photos of the first trial run of the Eagle Rock Boat Porter.  My solution to the problem of two left over pieces of knotty Port Orford Cedar.  Looking forward to meeting many of…


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Hello all im  new to the site lots of great information here. One reason is why i joined up and also i need some help with my bottom replacement since i never have done this before, so any information would be greatly appreciated. I bought a Don hill river boat in 1997 it had a uhmw plate on the bottom which led to its demise with dry rot. I actually started working on it this month its still in pretty good shape as far as the structural part of it. The paint is good on the outside i have a…


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Aluminum Boat People

Another chapter of Martin Litton's early dory history manages to live on:

Moqui Steps…


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Gutter Work

These posts are a little picture heavy but I'm on a roll and don't have much time for chatter... please comment or ask questions though!

so here's the progress at the end of the last post. I like it when stuff fits where I wanted it to go!


Here's the framework for the gutter system.  These…


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Decking Progress

Finally getting to work on the decking.  Ordered some marine plywood and started out glassing the whole thing.  I did some scale mockups of the pieces I wanted to cut and messed around on some scale plywood so I could get maximum use and waste as little material as possible.



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Building a McKenzie

Here is a video of us knocking together a McKenzie last Friday night. I wish the GoPro had not run out. This is a time-lapse of the first 80 minutes:

Building the Blacktail

Added by Brad Dimock on April 8, 2012 at 2:30pm — 5 Comments

Betty Boop back in the river--with her friend Julius and others

After a quarter century in the desert sun, rain and snow, the Betty Boop is back on the river. And after eight or so years including a few harsh winters, Julius is afloat again as well with a new floor and reconditioned decks. What fun--here is a post about their re-launch:

Betty and…


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S'mores and that fishy feeling

Sitting here in my Wintry-March living-room, surveying the snowy moguls in my backyard longing for some open-water and wondering if this melt-off is going to gain some steam here, my memory kicks me back to early September 2011. Just a half a year ago, and yet it seems so long ago. People tell me that our kids' childhoods go by so fast and to enjoy every minute of this fleeting time. Man are they right!…

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